About Us

Gold Medal Gymnastics Center was the first gymnastics center on Long Island, established in 1973. Back then gymnasts used to travel from as far as Staten Island and New York City just for classes because it was the only gym available. Since then, Gold Medal has grown to 6 beautiful locations and is currently the largest program in New York. Our love of the sport and dedication to excellence has contributed to our success over the years. We are very proud of all of our hard working gymnasts including those who have gone on to compete for many of the top collegiate programs all over the country. Some of the programs that have had former Gold Medal gymnasts are; Michigan, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Temple, GW, Brown, Ohio State, ASU, just to name a few.

The Gold Medal Invitational was created to bring Long Island a special competition that makes an impact on how an event can be run. Our goal is to be super efficient, with very little wait times, and to make an event that leaves every gymnast with a feeling of accomplishment. Our coaches have shared their favorite procedures from the most successful competitions in the country. They have all worked together to make the ultimate competition experience for coaches and athletes. The event will be held in on Long Island, just 30 minutes from New York City. We are very excited and hope you come join us!

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